The Rise of Mobile E-commerce – Online Shopping Habits of Consumers

Online Shopping Mall
When is the last time you actually visited a mall? Online shopping is growing in popularity.
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One day our children might ask, “Do you remember when we used to go to a store to do our shopping?” More and more people are choosing to forgo the traditional shopping route, and are instead buying their goods online. There are many reasons why consumers like to shop online. We live in a busy world and shopping is time consuming. Retailers have also made it easier to shop online with apps, free shipping, and easy returns (some allow you to return items at their bricks and mortar stores rather than visiting the post office and paying return shipping fees).

I caught the online shopping bug a few years back when I had my son. He was a winter baby and we lived in the Northeast. I hated the thought of running to the store and dragging a baby out in snow and subzero temperatures to get diapers and formula. A friend of mine told me that Amazon would ship everything I needed to my door, and I was intrigued. I soon started ordering groceries and sundries to be delivered to my doorstep and most of the time they were cheaper than had I bought them store. Although I still go to the grocery store, I make less frequent trips; and these days I don’t dare set foot in a post office or retail store, especially during the holidays. Last year, my entire holiday shopping was done online at Amazon, Target, and eBay. Since I have family scattered across the country, I saved time and money by shopping from my cell phone and having items shipped directly to individuals.

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Did you do your holiday shopping online? You aren’t the only one.
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When online shopping was first introduced, people were skeptical. They were nervous about putting credit card information online. It also took some time for consumers to get used to not being able to look at and touch the physical item in a store setting. Times have certainly changed. Secured transaction, online-only sales, and a busy lifestyle have all contributed to the rise in online shoppers. The “old” online shopper may have been described as a techie, but the new online shopper can be anyone from your 13-year-old daughter to your great-grandmother. What habits does the online shopper of today exhibit?

They Are Using Mobile Devices instead of PC’s for Online Shopping

In the beginning, online shopping was something done on your PC from home or work. Now more shoppers than ever are using their smartphones and tablets to make their online purchases.  It was reported that the average sale originating from a tablet was $123 vs. $102 for a PC user. Mobile friendly retail sites is a big reason for this rise in sales. Apps also play a big part in this trend as well. Easy ordering from apps can save customer’s time and money.

Online Shopping Statistics
Shopping online has grown substantially in the last few years. Consumers are, more than ever, using their tablets and smartphones to shop.
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They Compare Prices With Their Mobile Phones

There are many apps that allow mobile users to compare prices on just about anything. Some allow you to search by scanning the barcode of physical item or by description. Thirty-five percent of mobile shoppers use their smart phone to compare prices while they are at the store, and about half of all smartphone users have at least one shopping app on their device. When the economy was at its worst, a new breed of shopper was born. Savvy with prices and armed with technology, these frugal-minded customers were unstoppable.

They Still Shop in Retail Stores

Despite the ease and popularity of online shopping, many people still visit and buy from physical stores. A study by Deloitte showed that smartphone users were more likely to make purchases in store than non-smartphone users. Three out of four smartphone shoppers purchased items in the store. Thirty-seven percent of those shoppers used their smartphone to seek advice about the product from a friend, and 31% look up more detailed information about the product. Stores like Wal-Mart now allow you to order products online for convenience and to take advantage of online sales, but give you the option to pick up in the store to save on shipping costs.

One thing is for sure. Online shopping via mobile devices will only continue to grow in popularity. Do you have the technology it takes to be one of these savvy online shoppers? If you don’t, it may be time to trade in your old phone for a new one.

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